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OFF MAINS sewage treatment solutions


The Marsh Ensign is widely regarded as one of the most efficient, reliable and economical sewage treatment plants on the market. Tested and approved to BSEN12566-3/A1:2009 all Ensign units provide treatment well within national consent requirements. Published test results of 1.5:19.2:8.4mg/ltr (BOD:suspended solids:ammonia), with influent concentrations on test higher than those chosen by most competitor plants, effectively equates to 97% pollutant removal. Ranging in size from 4 to 50PE in Ultra, Standard and Shallow versions of each, and with a wide range of ancillaries, almost all site, consent and budget requirements can be met by units from the range.

Ultra:Polylok L

Introducing the latest innovation in domestic sewage treatment technology, the Marsh Ultra:Polylok L (UPL). The UPL draws upon Marsh Industries’ extensive experience in the industrial and commercial sewage treatment sectors bringing its outstanding performance and value engineering to the domestic sector. The Marsh UPL is available in 6PE and 12PE models, is approved to BS EN12566-3 and carries an impressive effluent quality of 20:30:20, within national consent standards. Both models are compact and easy to install, meeting the needs of installers and specifiers alike.

Uni:Gem septic conversion unit

The Uni:Gem is an efficient, economical solution for sites where a new or replacement sewage treatment plant is unfeasible. Available for sites up to 40+ persons, the Uni:Gem is a septic conversion unit which uses aerobic extended aeration, combined with biomass actuation to treat effluent from existing septic tanks or sewage treatment plants. Uni:Gem units are suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications. Hundreds of units have been successfully installed on sites throughout the UK.

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Posted on 5th August 2019